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Written by Super User Category: Reviews
Published on 21 July 2014 Hits: 2798

otzyv adelaidaМұхитжан Аделаида, «Қытай тілі көпірі» кезекті VI Халықаралық байқауынының қатысушысы.
Сәлеметсіздер ме! Менің аты-жөнім Мұхитжан Аделаида. 11-ші сынып оқушысымын, Қытай тілін оқып жатқаныма 3 жылға жуық уақыт болды. Осы жасыма дейін Қытайда 2 рет болдым. Бірінші рет 2012 жылдың күзінде, ал екінші рет 2013 жылдың қазан айында маған тағы да Қытайда болу бақыты бұйырды. Мен халықаралық «Қытай тілі көпірі» атты конкурсынқа қатыстым.
Пекин қаласы ойлағанымдай болып, әсемдігімен таң қалдырды: аспанмен астасқан ғимараттар көздің жауын алса, халықтың тығыздығы мені ерекше таңдандырды. Қазақстанда мұншалықты халықты көрмегендіктен, бұл маған жаңа нәрсе болды.
Әрі қарайғы Аспан шіркеуі, жазғы Сарай, Ұлы Қытай қорғанына бардық. Ғимараттардың әсемдігін сөзбен жеткізу мүмкін емес.
Сосын біз Юннань провинциясының ірі қаласы Куньминге ат басын тіредік.

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Written by Super User Category: Reviews
Published on 26 June 2014 Hits: 10549


Auteleeva Laura, participant of the 10th "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students:
"Chinese Bridge will be always in my heart!
Taking part in "Chinese Bridge" not only improved my language skills and acting talents, but also I received a half-year Chinese learning scholarship, had a chance to see the town where an “Avatar” was shot. In my opinion, Chinese Bridge is a kind of Olympic Games, which brings together people from all over the world. Now I have a friend in every country of the world, with whom I can speak in one language, such as Chinese. In the three weeks, we became acquainted with a rich history and unique culture, wonderful nature and beautiful sights of China.
All this would not have been brought, if the Confucius Institute had not provided me with this opportunity, because the Confucius Institute opens the door to the future for many young people. I would like to express my gratitude! Thank you for your help to realize my dreams! I sincerely wish prosperity and the strengthening of the friendship between Kazakhstan and China!"


Written by Super User Category: Reviews
Published on 26 June 2014 Hits: 11528

Bukenbaeva Aidana, participant of the 4th "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign High School Students:
"Me name is Aidana, and I study at Confucius Institute. Last year our Confucius Institute gave me excellent possibility to take part in 4th “Chinese Bridge” competition. I won second place in the republic Chinese Bridge Competition. So, I went to international “Chinese Bridge” Competition in Chongqing.
Also, I’ve visited the capital of China- very beautiful city Beijing. I’ve been in the local attractions, for example: the Great Wall of China, Forbidden city etc. And also we have been visited the headquarters of Confucius Institute in Beijing.
And then after some days, we went to the city where we must have our competition- is Chongqing. Chongqing- is fantastic and very interesting city. They met us with hospitality. Next day we went to see attractions of Chongqing. In general, competition was very good, and in each of competitions our team showed good results. I’m not only visited China or took part in this competition, but also I met a lot of new friends from different countries. During this competition we all became good friends, and it was very sad to say good-bye… Now I “talk” with them on social networks. And I miss them, really.

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Written by Super User Category: Reviews
Published on 26 June 2014 Hits: 8819

Sagyndykova Fariza, participant of the 3rd "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign High School Students:
"I took part in the Republican competition “Chinese Bridge” in May, 2010, where I became a winner and got the opportunity to present Kazakhstan in the International competition which was held in Chunchin October 12-30, 2010.
"Chinese Bridge" takes me onto a grander bridge, on which there lies the charming Chinese and profound Chinese culture. Learning Chinese gives me the opportunity to set foot on this happy Chinese Bridge with other competitors. I hope there will be more and more Chinese learners to join me in this journey, so we can run faster and farther.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person responsible for my success in Chinese language, especially ENU Confucius Institute".

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