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Published on 25 June 2014 Hits: 14236

Confucius Institute is a non-profitable, educational institution.
It is to meet the desire of different peoples all over the world to learn Chinese; to increase their understanding of Chinese language and culture; to strengthen the educational and cultural communication between China and other countries; to develop a friendly relationship between China and different countries; to enhance building a multi-cultural and harmonious world.
Confucius Institute holds communications and cooperation on Chinese language teaching, Sino-education and culture. Its services cover language teaching, teachers training, providing teaching materials and facilities, giving HSK tests, granting certifications to qualified teachers, supplying information on Chinese education, culture, etc.
Functions of institute of Confucius:
1.To open Chinese classes to different majors.
2.To put forward proposals on Chinese teaching, and to train local teachers of Chinese.
3.To provide textbooks and materials to those who are interested in Chinese, and at the same time to help develop Chinese textbooks.
4.To hold activities and competitions on Chinese teaching, and on knowledge and culture of China.
5.To play Chinese films and TV programmes.
6.To organize different levels of HSK tests, and to reason teaching Chinese as a foreign language.
7.To start majors relating to Chinese and Chinese culture together with Chinese university.
8.To provide consultation to those who are willing to go to Chine to study.
9.To help improve the practical use of Chinese of local students.