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Published on 28 June 2014 Hits: 5375

«Three Kingdoms»

«Three Kingdoms» is a film of war among the three states: Wu, Shu, and Wei. Each political group aspires to takeover the power. Movie also spans economic, political and diplomatic relations between them.



The movie is about a boy who plays violin. The value of life is amusingly shown in a mini-series squeezed movie. Young boy has found the link between love and music. Music and love are too perfect together. Watching this movie you can enjoy the pathetic scenes of the movie.


«My parents»

The girl falls in love with the young teacher who came to the village to teach. In order to draw his attantion every day she brings something to him to eat and decorates the class. One day the young teacher also starts to fall in love with her. It seems like they are starting new life, but suddenly he is declared as an enemy of the people and is arrested.


«Thei-Go King and his Son»

Liu Yishou, an amateur Go player, is called by his friends “the King og Go”. Liu Yishou has been laid off quite a long time ago and now, with no other skills to make a living, teaches Go in a humble training course for children. Life has been hard, and his wife has decided to divorce him.His young son, Xiaochuan, has chosen to stay with him through his difficulties…


«Special mission»
The Great Anti-Japanese War inspired the national spirit of the Chinese people, they were ready to sacrifice their lives. The names of few heroes left in history. The film shows the historical events of those days!


«The Trouble-Shooter»
This movie is adapted from one of the masterprieces of Wang Shuo. In those first years of reform, Yu Guan and his friends open a company called “Three-for” Company, namely they are supposed to help people out of their trouble in their place. They are forward to deal with their affairs on behalf of those a,bitious people who are occupied with their own carer…

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"Gua Sha"
After years of hard work, Xu Datong, a Chinese immigrant to the US, has finally achieved success as an outstanding video game designer. With his promising career and lovely family, he feels he has become a true American. Datong's father comes from China to treat Datong's son using Chinese traditional medicine, Guasha...

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"Colours of the Blind"
Ding Lihua, a blind girl, is full of vigour and curage. At the sports school for the handicapped, she had the opportunity to be trained professionally as an athlete. Sports also built her character, and she came to understand that life is more than falling in love...